how's the quality when the cam is facing through a window? daytime? nighttime?

asked on May 8, 2019

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I have the wyzecam not the pan. But it works great through a window during day time. if used at night the lens needs to be real close if not right up against the glass. If there is any interior back light you get a reflection from the room and it lessens the outdoor view.
Tim Cameron
· May 8, 2019
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Daytime is perfect! Nightime if nightvision is activated, doesn’t work as there will be reflection of the night vision ray into the window, which makes the window become like a miror. So doesn’t work.

Also if your camera is far away from what you wan’t to film, then if you zoom in on the image , it will be very bad quality. If you want good quality you have to be near of the subject.

Example filming tour cars in driveway, and someone is looking around them , if you are trying to identify , image will be so bad that it become useless.

Hope this helps!

Marc Erick Loiselle
· May 9, 2019
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I bought the mounting case for outdoor use, so I am not sure about through a window but the quality in a dark room is great and the outdoor camera is perfect for day or night visibility
Ed Pembleton
· May 8, 2019
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