Do all steamVR games work on Oculus?

asked on May 21, 2019

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On the Steam store there is an info window on the right hand side that shows whether the game works on Oculus or Vive or both (or a few other VR systems). Not all VR games will work on Oculus, but lots do, and it's usually clear before you buy the game.
· October 24, 2019
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I have 97 Games on my steam list and maybe one or two are not supported...with a bit of work they work, but they are not very worthwhile games anyways so i don't really care. You will not have issues, jsut remember to calibrate your SteamVR in the settings each time, just put your HMD in teh middle of the play area and pres the button. easy as that. (not my video, randomly found on google) it is very easy.
S Apolony Consulting
· July 3, 2019
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SteamVR games would need to properly support Oculus Rift for full functionality. Some games may not have proper support for the controllers, etc.
Oculus Support
Manufacturer · May 22, 2019
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