Just put brand new card in. why after switch update is my 256gb now 237gb? i didn’t even do anything. just put it in. is it a fake?

asked on January 17, 2021

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As with any/every storage device, there's a system reserve that uses some of the gb from the device.
If you purchase a 1tb hard drive, you may get 860+gb of storage, again due to the system reserve that takes up some of the storage on the device.

In the case of your SanDisk 256gb micro sd card, 237gb is quite the norm.

Steve Key
· January 18, 2021
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No, it's normal that every storage does.
· January 18, 2021
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If you have the disc version of the game you own, it might be the problem, personally when I inserted mine it restarted the switch and then the memory card worked.
Jonathan Tarte
· January 20, 2021
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Card is not a scan, it worked us.
· January 18, 2021
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