Can it replace a 3.5" hdd and if so, is there an adapter for it somewhere.

asked on September 23, 2018

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Since SSDs have no moving parts, it doesn't even really need to be mounted, for me I just stuck it with tape to the HDD bay.
· April 6, 2019
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Yes, it can. In most desktops there are places for more than one hard drive, and CORSAIR makes an adapter bracket that will hold two of the SSD drives and mount in the 3.5" brackets. They are available from lots of places including Amazon. I actually have bough two of these adapter brackets and they are great.
Harry Paulsen
· September 23, 2018
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Yes it can replace a 3.5 drive, providing that your old one is SATA. Some adapters caddies are available on Amazon, just search "sata adapter 2.5 3.5". I have not tested these adapters myself, no needs for.
Claude Côté
· September 23, 2018
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Bouch G,
Kingston A400 SATA SSD can replace 3.5-inch form factor SATA HDD no problem. Use existing data and power cables to connect A400 SSD. Most desktop computer chassis include 2.5-inch drive mounting hardware. Check the PC user's manual for a list of included accessory items. Kingston's 2.5-to-3.5 inch mounting bracket with screws, part number SNA-BR2/35, can be used to secure A400 SSD in case you do require additional hardware. Thank you.

Manufacturer · September 25, 2018
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Amazon has wide verity of SSD brackets to choose from here's one (Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket 3.5" CSSD-BRKT2, Black ) and there's a single one all so.
· October 25, 2021
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