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Use Amazon Cash to shop with cash on

Use Amazon Cash to conveniently shop on without a debit or credit card

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What is Amazon Cash?

You can visit participating store locations to add a Gift Card Balance to your Amazon Account. Present your barcode or phone number to a cashier. (If the store has a kiosk or ATM, you can use it instead to enter your phone number.)

Add between $5 - $500.


Why should you use Amazon Cash?

It’s convenient

Shop on Amazon without a debit or credit card. Amazon Cash is available at thousands of participating stores.

It's interest-free

We don’t charge any fees or interest.

It’s good for budgeting

Keep track of what you spend by loading a set amount into your Amazon Account.

It’s secure

Amazon Cash uses a unique personal barcode or your verified phone number to add Amazon Gift Cards to your Amazon Account.

How it works

Illustration representing an Amazon Account.

Step 1

Amazon Account illustration.

Step 2

Get your barcode or verify your phone number with Amazon. You’ll use one of these when you visit a store.

A physical store that supports Amazon Cash.

Step 3

Visit a participating store. Bring money along with your barcode or phone number.

Cash register.

Step 4

Ask the cashier for Amazon Cash. Give them your barcode or phone number. (Optional: If available, you can add cash at a kiosk or ATM, using your phone number.)

Wallet with bills hanging out.

Step 5

Add between $5 – $500. Your Amazon Account will reflect the amount immediately.

Tablet and desktop computer screen, both displaying a shopping cart.

Step 6

Shop on with your new loaded balance.

Ready to get started?

A few tips for using Amazon Cash


Tip 1: To use a phone number with Amazon Cash, you must add it to your Amazon account. If it’s already added, you must confirm and verify it. Get started.


Tip 2: Printing your barcode or saving it to your smartphone might make it easier to retrieve during store visits. Learn how.

Amazon balance

Tip 3: Some stores support both barcodes and phone numbers, while some don’t. When you search for a store, you can filter whether the store supports barcodes, phone numbers, or both.

Tip 4: Each Amazon Cash transaction adds an Gift Card to your Amazon Account in seconds. View Terms and Conditions.

Featured retailers

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Ready to get started?

Helpful Pages

Legal document icon representing Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Read all the terms and conditions for using Amazon Cash.

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Find answers to common questions

Icon representing barcode for Amazon Cash


Download or print your Amazon Cash barcode.

Graph icon representing Amazon balance

Amazon Balance

Review how much is in your balance.

The simple, secure way to shop with cash on Amazon

Add cash to your Amazon Balance at participating locations to shop millions of items on Amazon, no credit or debit card required.

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How it works

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Bring your cash to a participating location and ask for Amazon Cash.

Use your barcode or phone number to identify your account.

Add between $5-$500 to your balance that can be used to shop on

2 different ways to add cash

Participating stores will support at least one of the following methods to use Amazon Cash

Phone number

Scan your barcode

Give your phone number

Use the provided barcode to identify your Amazon account by scanning it at the cashier or kiosk.

Use your mobile phone number to identify your Amazon account giving it to the cashier or kiosk.

Participating stores

Now available at over 13,000 locations

7-Eleven | Barcode only
Canada Post | Barcode only
Circle K | Barcode only
Hasty Market
MacEwen: Barcode and phone number
Mobil | Barcode and phone number
Now Prepay | Phone number only
Super Sagamie | Phone number only
red apple | Barcode only
The Bargain! Shop | Barcode only
More retailers coming soon

Each Amazon Cash transaction adds an Gift Card to your Amazon Balance in seconds. View Terms and Conditions.