British Columbia

West End Coffee Roasters


William Chu, West End Coffee Roasters, Vancouver, BC

"Amazon allows us to focus on what we do best – roasting fresh specialty coffee, sourced from all over the world, and providing an amazing coffee experience. By handling order fulfillment with fast and free delivery services to our customers, we have been able to share great coffees with all the coffee enthusiasts in Canada. It allows us to stick to our roots and continue to provide fresh and high-quality products for our active customers who like to enjoy great-tasting coffee at work and at home."

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Zazubean Organic Chocolate


Tara Gilbert & Tiziana Ienna, Zazubean Organic Chocolate, Vancouver, BC

"We both love chocolate and wanted to make a positive impact by creating fun, innovative superfood chocolates for all diets (plant-based, keto, paleo, gluten-free). Our products are not only good for you with healthy and clean ingredients, but they are good for the planet and for the growers, using only 100% organic ingredients and sustainable packaging while being socially conscious and supporting the farmers and their communities with fair-trade premiums. Amazon has allowed us to spread our passion for chocolate to reach more people with our great-tasting, clean chocolate."

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Adore by Nat


Natalie Hermawan, Adore by Nat, Port Coquitlam, BC

"We believe that life should be cherished and celebrated. We love creating adorable, beautiful and handmade party decorations to help our clients make their parties memorable. Meticulous care and details are involved when crafting each and every single one of our selections. Why buy mass-produced products when unique, one-of-a-kind handmade selections are available?"

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Buddha Board


Eric Thrall, Buddha Board, Vancouver, BC

"I am passionate about Buddha Board because I love the idea of creating a product line that brings a positive, creative energy and message out into the world. "

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Golden Leaf Tea Co.


Patricia Guerrero, Golden Leaf Tea Co., Vancouver, BC

"We love food. It is incredibly satisfying to know our ingredients bring smiles to people's faces. We love eating and sharing locally-grown and wild-picked ingredients from here in British Columbia, as well as ingredients from different cultures around the world. Amazon is the perfect platform for us to grow our business with its vast, multicultural marketplace. The best part is not having to worry about logistics and fulfillment! This leaves us time to focus on our next Oolong tea or pepper harvest and, of course, backing away from the occasional black bears we encounter as we pick mushrooms on the mountains of BC!"

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Triple Studio


Crystal Ho, Triple Studio, Vancouver, BC

"Often, we are so wrapped up in our own thoughts that we get distracted and are unaware of the unspeakable beauty of the animal kingdom. At Triple Studio, I am passionate about spreading appreciation for the animals and stressing the need for nature conservation. Whether my paintings hang in a nursery or in the living room, they act as a reminder to slow down from our day-to-day and enjoy these animals' natural beauty."

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49th Parallel


Julia Chan, 49th Parallel, Vancouver, BC

"Our company mission is to make specialty coffee accessible to more people (in more ways) by crafting exceptional direct trade coffee, with intention, that inspires curiosity. Amazon has been a great partner in helping us meet this mission by making our coffee available to a larger community of customers seeking high quality specialty coffee options. Since our launch on Amazon Canada last year, our biggest highlight was landing on the Top 10 Best Sellers for Roasted Coffee Beans, and we see this success as just the beginning of things to come! Furthermore, by managing the entire order fulfillment process with fast delivery services to our customers, we can continue to focus on what we do best: roasting delicious coffee beans while building strong direct trade relationships with our farming partners."

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Lisa Will, Stonz, West Vancouver, BC

"I love hearing that Stonz helps parents get outside with their kids. We make sure we have you covered head to toe, in all seasons, in any kind of weather, and the quality to last through many children! Amazon helps us reach our customers – many who live in more remote areas and nearer to nature. Access for our customers when they need our gear is so important. It’s Stonz’s mission to make outside easy... no matter the weather!"

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Soar Organics


Megan Frisk & Chris Shaw, Soar Organics, North Vancouver, BC

"We believe that healthy and organic foods packed with nutrients should be easily attainable and enjoyed by everyone. Amazon's platform has played an integral role in driving new and existing tea lovers to discover our brand and easily access our products. This has helped us make a positive impact with local charities, as we donate a portion of each Soar Organics matcha & hojicha sale."

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Peau de loop


Adelle Renaud, Peau de loup, Vancouver, BC

"Peau de loup builds gender-defying, menswear-inspired apparel made to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. We stand for something. This is so much more than a button down – it's about creating something authentic to make people feel the same way on the outside as they do on the inside."

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Jan & Jul


Florence Luo, Jan & Jul, Vancouver, BC

"I have loved sewing and knitting ever since I was a child. Fast forward to when my two daughters were born, I realized most of the clothing I bought hardly lasted, because kids grow so quickly. Feeling inspired, I started experimenting with adjusting my kids’ clothes to get more use out of them. Just like that, my Gro-With-Me designs were created! I’ve thoughtfully designed every little detail about Jan & Jul products to be practical for parents and comfortable for kids. All of our designs are produced ethically with high-quality artisanship. They are also made to last for growing kids, featuring our Gro-With-Me adjustments as well as our innovative breathable, waterproof fabric we use in our rain gear."

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The Cocktail Box Co. & Brew Your Bucha


Chris Yee, The Cocktail Box Co. & Brew Your Bucha, Vancouver, BC

"My business partner Derek and I started Brew Your Bucha because, while we enjoy drinking kombucha, it's expensive! After brewing with a SCOBY purchased locally, it left us wanting to make sourcing the accessories and ingredients easier. We also wanted to save money, so we put together our first 4 Litre Kombucha Kits and started sharing them with friends and family. Shortly after, we officially launched Brew Your Bucha. We have since become one of the top sellers of kombucha SCOBY and starter kits and offer many guides and resources to new and experienced brewers. We had a similar experience with cocktails. We wanted to make it fun and easy to make cocktails, so we started with a true classic – the Old Fashioned. We have since released five other cocktail kits and other bar-related accessories. Each of our products have been designed to deliver a fun and unique experience. Whether making kombucha or creating your favourite cocktail, you will want to share your creation with your friends, family and colleagues. You can get creative, tailoring your beverage to suit your flavour preferences, and we encourage testing and experimenting with different recipes."

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Masha Tikhonova, BabyBibi, Vancouver, BC

"As a professional graphic designer and artist, I was always drawn to designing characters and solving problems. When my daughter, Brianna, was six months old, she discovered a love for books and during her bathtime, she carried them to the tub, which caused the pages to wrinkle. This is how I designed the first set of bath books, featuring high contrast illustrations. I also made sure they were specifically designed for tiny hands. BabyBibi products are designed in-house in Vancouver, with careful consideration and feedback from parents. Our toys introduce early development concepts such as colour recognition, ABCs, touch and feel, black and white high contrast, fine motor skill development and imaginative thinking."

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Cilla Watkins & Janice Ishizaka, The Canadian Barley Tea Company, Salmon Arm, BC

"When we discovered barley tea in Japan and that even babies drink it every day, we felt like it was a best-kept secret that we had to share with Canada! Creating the first Canadian barley tea brand has been an exciting journey and we love working together as sisters. What keeps us motivated is knowing that we're offering a truly one-of-a-kind Canadian beverage that's naturally free of sugar and caffeine, with plant-based teabags and recyclable packaging."

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Slava Kandakou & Natasha Hramianitskaya, Zumatico, Vancouver, BC

"Working with Amazon allows us to concentrate on creating unique and sustainable beverage coasters that bring smiles to the faces of thousands of people. We don't need to worry about payment processing, warehousing or delivery. We can create our own flexible schedule, allowing us to spend more time with our kids and enjoy life together."

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Hunter & Trove


Yulee Harris, Hunter & Trove, Vancouver, BC

"For me, the beauty in jewelry goes beyond its golden shine and holds more meaning than its dainty size shows. It’s in the moments that make up our beautiful stories. The quiet moments of self-care – the time taken in the morning hours to put on your favourite earrings. The necklace worn as a golden reminder of those we cherish. Jewelry can capture a feeling. I love how Hunter & Trove’s pieces may be a golden thread woven into these moments."

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Luna Nectar


Mia Fiona Kut, Luna Nectar, Vancouver, BC

"My mission is bringing the power of natural adaptogenic herbs to your skincare and haircare routine, in a clean, eco-friendly format. I love creating products that help people look and feel beautiful and encourage back-to-roots solutions to enhance natural beauty. As a company, we are also super passionate about standardizing sustainability and attention to social issues in the beauty industry - we have a lot fun dreaming up new ways of doing so!"

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Sara Panton, Vitruvi, Vancouver, BC

"At Vitruvi, we are so passionate about our community. They are the most important part of our business and inform every decision we make, from the colours of our diffusers to the packaging of our products. They are the heartbeat of our brand and inspire us to create new, innovative home scenting solutions."

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