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What is 4K Ultra HD?

4K means four times sharper than HD

4K brings you four times the precision, four times the crispness, four times the resolution of HD. Images look sharper and more realistic than ever before, with stunning detail that explodes off the screen and brings you deep into the action.

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High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Brilliant brights. Deepest darks.

HDR is all about enhanced contrast. Subtle details within the shadows and light come to life.

Colors look more realistic and vivid than ever before - it's out of this world!

Wider color spectrum

Colors so lifelike, you won't believe your eyes

A wider color spectrum enables over 1 billion possible colors on your set.

You'll experience a harmony of eye-popping colors you never knew even existed.

Immersive audio

Multi-dimensional audio envelops you in sound

When you add a soundbar or upfiring speakers, you take your listening experience to new worlds.

Sound comes roaring at you from all directions and can move with the story.

4K TVs, streaming, and gaming devices

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