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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on January 19, 2021
NA Fantasy

“Fortune favors the bold. Magic favors the liars.”

The Good: Give me any book that features a con and I’m already suckered in. “The Mask of Mirrors” is an extremely smartly written book and, likewise, Ren is a wicked smart character willing to risk it all. The entire story is well and intricately plotted out and I loved the depth of the schemings and mysteries. The world, which is both Slavic inspired and reminiscent of Venice, is lush and vibrant. It is bustling and moving all around the main characters — it really is alive. I also adored the relationship between Ren and Tess, who are so loyal and protective of each other.

The Meh: This is a very long, complex book, and at times it feels very overwhelming. There’s so many names, places, new words, and side plots to keep track of that it dragged down the pace at points, and left me a bit confused. I also didn’t notice until about midway that there is a glossary in the back of the book! This would have been so helpful in the beginning, as there are way too many new/made-up terms to keep track of, so I definitely recommend checking that out first.

Pick up this book if you like gangs, politics, feuds, morally grey characters, magic, and a richly woven world that feels real and lived in.
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