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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on December 6, 2019
USED on FORD ESCAPE - first, it's a tight fit to get 3 bikes and I think it was only possible because one is a childs bike. second, you better be good at tetris. third; if you are using a city bike/cruiser/touring bike, expect to get creative and be thankful the Escape isn't low to the ground. Once we knew how we were going to be able to get all three bikes on the rack it was far easier but not by much. Standard Womens bikes are going to need the bar accessory (when you see generally purchased with), also get the little straps for the tires, it just helps. If you have a touring/cruiser bike, expect to fight to make sure those straps are tight.

we didn't use the suggestion of tape everywhere the rack touches the car, and we were off gravel roads so when time to go home, reinstalling the rack was not done on a clean car, and the bike rack was dusty... we cleaned it off best we could and just tightened everything, no scratches that we saw when we got home.

Big thing, only install the rack AFTER filling the trunk. because once installed those top racks will stop the trunk from opening fully. don't be scared to ensure those straps are tight. the side straps are best to hook on either side UNDER the lights for a secure fit.
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