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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on December 21, 2022
I really enjoyed most of this book, but like everyone else, I don’t understand why there were several chapters that really didn’t add to the story line. Milton? Why.

I was very hopeful to finally have this story come to an end and finally have the happy ending. Darius is back; Darcy and Orion are free of the curse, BUT - Caleb and Seth are still a mess, why haven’t they become mates yet? Same question for Max and Gerry. Lionel should be dead, shadow bitch should be dead. Instead, they added the Satan spawn and a new enemy? Why? Why? Why?

Rather then add these random fillers, they couldn’t have easily tied everything up and let us have what we wanted.

I am curious as to how long we will need to wait for the 9th book now..
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