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Reviewed in Canada on October 14, 2021
If you don't yet have shoe trees, do yourself a favour and get some, or at least read-up on why they're so important. TL;DR they retain shape and prevent moisture.

Shoe trees last a really long time, and it's a small investment to ensure your nice leather shoes last a long time as well. Basic cleaning + shoe trees can really extend the life of leather shoes. Even if you don't want to go down the shoe maintenance rabbit hole, shoe trees are really simple and effective.

This brand was among the cheapest for this style of shoe tree, which is twin-tube. In my opinion twin-tube is superior because the shoe trees also hold shape in the heel area, which single-tube trees often neglect. Unless you have tons of shoes that all need shoe trees, it's worth the few extra dollars to get the twin-tube model.

These shoe trees have a spring toe, so even wider shoes will be supported. They have a nice, wide heel, and a tab for easy removal. The sizing was accurate for me, with one caveat; you may have to remove any insoles or orthotics to fit them in, but you probably should anyways to air them out. I'm also unsure how well they perform with very wide shoes, as mine are "normal" width.

Worth the purchase if you care at all about your leather shoes. If you don't wear leather shoes often/at all, or you're fine with just replacing a cheap pair every few years, it might not be worth a 30 dollar purchase. But for any leather shoe of good quality/price that you want to keep around, shoe trees are worth every penny.
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