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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 24, 2022
Update: Original 2 stars. I contacted support and spoke to them. They were very helpful and sent me some info on how to update the firmware and say they will send me a video on pairing with the old version as apperently it is a different process from the manual.
The new button layout is still very annoying but I can get used to it with time.

I had the old model (Last generation). I had it for 3 years an never had a single issue with it, The button mapping was good and worked well. Never had connection issues and it just worked. It finally died after some hard rain, I decided to buy a new one, I almost wish I didn't. The amount of issues I have with it are almost unbelievable. They ruined a good thing.
Before each button had a purpose, One click did something and holding the button did another, It was dead simple.
The new one has been completely remapped and it doesn't work well, To power on and off you need to hold 2 buttons at the exact same nanosecond or else it wont work or decides to go into pairing mode rather than power off. I have to hit the buttons 2-3 times to get it right. The double click up for next song is great until it stops working randomly after 2 hours. The rear button changes modes when you hold it, well sometimes. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it makes strange beeping noises and nothing happens. The buttons are a mess. They used to work so well on the old unit and now are terrible. When I am riding a motorcycle I should not have to think about anything but the road. I have to focus on this thing to use it now.
This is not to mention the absolute worst problem, When you change modes or switch to intercom with a friend, The volume turns up to 100% and nearly deafens you. It scares the crap out of you while you are riding a motorcycle. That is dangerous.

When you pair with more than 3 riders it starts echoing and has static. 2 riders is fine but any more and it doesn't work. I have tried repairing as the manual says 4-5 times and it does it every time. There are numerous other small bugs with these units. I know someone else with one and they have the same issues. I also see some revies on amazon with the same complaints. They took a good thing and made the hardware better and ruined the interface. I really liked the old one and was hoping this would be an upgrade. It was not and now my old one doesn't work and I have no choice but to upgrade to another brand as the old model isn't sold anymore.
" If its not broken, Don't fix it "
The button mapping is the most baffling thing as it was fine before and now they made it way too complicated for no reason.

There are good things about it
It is much more clear than the old one and has better battery life, The USB C is also great. The speakers are better, The mounting is better. It has the potential to me much better but the missed the mark by a lot.

I'm am very disappointed that I may have to go to another brand now as all my friends have the older models of this and I wanted to stick with them as they have been great in the past.
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