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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on April 1, 2020
The Familiar Dark - Well guys, let me tell you. You want to talk about a book you can’t put down? This book. You want a book that has mystery AND incredible, dark, horrible characters? This book. You want a book with atmosphere? THIS BOOK.

Everything about this story blew my g’damn mind. It’s based on two 12 year old girls found murdered and one mothers quest for vengeance. But not in the way your thinking. Not in an, investigate, work with police, solve the crime. No no. More in an eye for an eye (or in this case a life for a life) biblical sense.

This book is perfect BECAUSE it is messy, because the characters are not tidy, put together people. Because it takes place in the holler, the very backwoods of the Missouri Ozarks, where the people are trailer trash poor and hard and unyielding. Because the characters are cruel, relentless and brutal. Because justice is just as brutal.

Eve might be one of my all time favourite lead characters. She does not apologize for how she grew up, or how poor she is now, or her shortcomings. She doesn’t grieve the way the press wants her to. She is out for one thing and one thing only and that is to kill the bastard who took her only child. She has no limits to what she will do because she TRULY has nothing to lose. I love her for just how honest of a character she is - I would love to sit down and drink with this woman, she is no bullshit.

I could talk for days about all the reasons this book is amazing, but honestly you don’t want spoilers and this book deserves to be devoured whole. Go order this book - it’s out on the 31st - and prepare to enjoy one of the single most satisfying reads of your year.

I cannot WAIT to see what people think of this one, and god knows I hope it gets optioned for a movie/show because it would be EPIC.
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