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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on May 15, 2021
I fell in love with stand up paddle boards (SUPs) using a rigid board (Pelican model Costco carried 6-7 yrs ago) on Shuswap Lake in BC, Canada. However I opted for an inflatable (iSUP) as it’s more practical for storage/transport. Unlike some iSUPs, my SereneLife Rising Flow is nearly as stable as a rigid (likely due to the 32” width; I also use it for fishing). It also tracks very well; I can paddle indefinitely on one side only and still go straight (see YouTube, etc. for paddling techniques). I agree with other reviewers that the limited edition graffiti pattern is quite nice (but it does scratch easily, so be careful).

The double action (fills on upstroke & downstroke) pump is pretty good. It also has an intake port which you can use to completely deflate the iSUP. Inflation is not easy but not difficult either (takes me 10 minutes). If you bend your waist, knees and ankles and lock your wrists and elbows so that you are using larger muscles, it ends up being a good warm-up for paddling. Once the upstroke gets hard, switch to single action and use your body weight to push on the downstroke.

The adjustable 3-pc paddle is more than adequate. Some have said that the adjusting mechanism allows the handle to twist, but you can tighten the mechanism by twisting it clockwise. Does it float? Yes and no. There are very small openings at the bottom joint which allow water to leak inside very slowly. Once there is enough water inside, it will sink. However, you can cover these openings (e.g., with tape) so that it will float indefinitely.

The vented carrying case/backpack is decent. The shoulder straps are minimally padded but wide which, along with the moderately wide hip strap, makes it comfortable. It is sized perfectly as it very easily fits the board, paddle and pump (unlike, say a tent or sleeping bag sack).

The waterproof phone case has an air pillow around the periphery, which will float the phone. Not sure about the case’s durability, but it’s a nice added bonus.

Overall, I love this board and think it’s an incredible value.
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