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Reviewed in Canada on December 27, 2018
Absolutely no issues, by far the best VR Goggles out there without the use of a mobile phone. I am not a vivid game player so did not buy the Rift. Resolution is perfect as long as streaming video is also HD, I watch movies and virtual reality videos online and streaming on WiFi has no issues. Battery lasts over 3 hours easy, if you need longer then connect a battery backup or a long charging micro USB cable to it. I use wired headphones when needed but without it the sound quality is multi directional. Build quality is top notch, fits well on my head and straps are easy to adjust. I wear eye glasses and it fits well over it, don't forget to install the eye glass inserts first though. It is not hard on eyes and no glare, I let the device set brightness for me and it works. First two weeks just go easy on contents as it may give you nausea or even virtigo something like hard hangover but without drinking. You will need few days to get used to it. Handdheld controller is good, controls fast forwarding or reverse by sliding your thumb, has all user friendly functions. At times it may feel frint heavy but straps hols it well. Best VR I have ever owned so far.
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