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Reviewed in Canada on July 25, 2021
The unit is severely neutered in functionality courtesy of Amazon. I bought this and the Vastking K10 Pro at the same time - expecting the loser to go to my mother as a gift. I am fully invested in Amazon Alexa and really expected the Amazon tablet would 'win'. Until I received it.

The Vastking had all my Google account settings and was functioning in 10 minutes. Amazon tablet? Well, as has been mentioned you have to do a massive amount of screwing around to get most of the Android functionality back. Easy enough for me to do but a waste of my time.

It's too bad because it is actually a good tablet. But for any 'normal' person to have to go through all that, just to get some basic functionality .... not worth it at all. I bought mine with the little keyboard case which is also very, very good. But like I said it has minimal functionality with android seeing as all these companies can't manage to get along with each other and thus I wouldn't dream of rec'd it to anyone except those who enjoy screwing around modifying something to bring back functionality that the manufacture (Amazon) ruined.

To its credit, it has a very good screen, pretty good battery life and with the keyboard case really is a good unit. As stated, my issue with it, is the complete destruction of the functionality so I'd rec'd a Vastking over this if you want full Android OS features. I also have had no problems with it since I hacked the snot out of it to make it fully operational.
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