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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on August 9, 2021
I can get 2 adult bikes on the rack easy enough, after figuring out how to take it on and off.

The instructions are not easy to follow, and since I know everyone complains that cheap car bike racks suck, I wanted to make sure I put them on right. I drive a 2007 Toyota Camry, and it indeed works well on it. I have to install it with the "alternative" instructions, which involve not using my bumper (as it is just a boat load of plastic around the actual metal bumper underneath) and I secured it to the bottom of my trunk. It feels secure enough, used it about 10 times now, a few times with 1 bike, some with 2 bikes. I feel with multiple bikes it feels a bit more stable if that makes sense to anyone.

Also just be careful with how to secure the straps. Just play with them until they feel secure.

The metal bits that secure to the trunk are nice enough, but they are just painted metal, my car has some fairly soft paint (as most Japanese cars do) so I decided to put some electrical tape around the hooks. I also drive an old beat up car, but you never want to actually chip off paint, which the hooks will do if your not careful, or you tighten it a bit too much on one side, or basically do anything but perfectly put it on or off the car. I completely understand why so many people just drive with the bike racks attached to their car all summer long. I still take mine on and off between uses however, minimal scratches so far, but i did see some before the tape.

Look we are all buying this one because it's the cheapest any of us can find without buying something 2nd hand, which I am not against, but it's 2020/2021, bike stuff is just sold out or not actually that cheap.

Also the bikes I'm using this for, a mid 2000s men's Supercycle - Canadian Tire bike in a 26" wheel, a Decathlon "Triban Regular Women's Road Bike" from 2021 in small and a Men's TRIBAN - RC100 in Large from 2020. All fit fine.
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