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Reviewed in Canada on October 24, 2020
I preferred Lous point of view but it felt like Reid got more chapters. Reids aversion to magic was so frustrating because I thought he was finally past that. I also didnt like Reid’s mother and her meddling in his relationship. Lou only uses dangerous magic in life or death situations and expecting her not to is unreasonable. The whole group was treating her like a bomb about the go off. Instead of making her feel bad about her use of magic they should have tried to find someone who could train her in how to choose better spells. Dont get me wrong she can be impulsive and even reckless at times, but so can Reid.

I didnt enjoy Reid and Lous romance as much as I was expecting to. Their relationship was one of the main reason I loved the first book so much and I just didnt get that here. They were both being ridiculously stubborn and unwilling to sympathize with the other persons point of view. I usually find romantic conflict adds some fun angst to the story but instead it made me wonder if the two of them should even be in a relationship. Besides that I still loved sweet innocent Ansel who must be protected at all cost and Lous kickass best friend Coco. I even liked dramatic but caring Beau. I also loved meeting Claude and his troupe.

The plot wasnt as compelling as the first book and that’s probably because the main characters decisions werent the smartest. Going to ask the werewolves for an alliance when Reid knows he has bad history with them wasnt the best idea, but what’s even worse is that he didnt tell anyone until the last minute. He also went to ask the Kings help when he knew it was risky. The werewolf leader agreed not to harm Lou so why is Reid saying they didn’t agree. I also dont understand why the King was so unbothered by the news that the witch queen was in his city. I did predict the ending but a few things still took me by surprise.

I found a couple writing mistakes like using God instead of Goddess and Dames Blanches when the author meant Dame Rouge, but those were probably fixed in the finished copy. Besides that the writing was enjoyable. Coming from a french family I always get this wonderful sense of nostalgia when reading french inspired fantasy. I loved how the magic worked based on an exchanged system like temporarily giving up eyesight to hear better. The spirits in shadow animal form were great but I dont know why Lou couldnt just ask the shadow cat to find the missing boy since it can apparently find people to deliver messages.

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