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Reviewed in Canada on December 18, 2017
Excellent tea, I buy it from Amazon only now, and few other kinds!
It is very dark colour, almost black; tastes frankly let's say... baked... no any bitter of green tea. Single teaspoon enough for at least two black-coloured 500ml cups (total 1 litre!) - I drink it each morning an hour before run, and I feel very clean!

UPDATE: I believe it is green tea. Amazon's description is "Numi Organic Tea Ti Kuan Yin Loose Tea" and picture shows "Oolong". I am trying to find it again... so, buying it again. It had fantastic *GENTLE* smell

UPDATE (December 2018): I ordered Oolong Green tea few months ago, which had wonderful gentle rose smell. I made two orders recently, trying to find the same "Oolong Green" from the same brand David's Tea. This update is for Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong). Absolutely tasteless, with rough leaves not even looking like tea leaves. Weird.

So... where can I find this green oolong tea I enjoyed a year ago?
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