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Reviewed in Canada on February 20, 2019
I'm really pleased with this product. The fast charging works. I think the two pack is a great value. I love how long it is for using in bed, I'm able to roll over while using phone.

Edited October 2020: Just to update on this product, I am starting to notice they are wearing out. The wire near where you plug into the phone is starting to bend and cause the internal wires to expose. They still charge for now but you have to have the wire plugged in exactly right and if you move it around too much it will fall out. Not a big deal for charging at night but not good if you want to be using the phone. That being said, I got a lot of use out of these wires, they lasted pretty close to 2 years and I am not very gentle with wires and my cats probably chew them while I sleep. I plan on repurchasing them because I love the length and they are great deal when they go on sale on Prime Day.
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