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Reviewed in Canada on September 7, 2021
No babies here, just lots of animals who use pee pads and litter boxes; yuck! This unit is ideal for ensuring your garbage does not stink to high heaven every time you open the lid; just pop all the stinky stuff in here from those nasty blood soaked pads under the meat to used kitty litter and pee pads.

Honestly, if they do not sell these specifically for pet owners, they should!

No assembly, the unit arrives completely assembled, just add the ring of bag material and the charcoal filter (missed this and only found it weeks later when prepping the box for recycle - still had no odor without it).

START: Installation of the ring of bag material is a bit confusing the first time. First, ensure you put it in right side up; then pull out a length of bag and TIE A KNOT in the bottom, leaving a pouch around the size of what you intend to first place in the unit. Weight of the "garbage" causes the ring to self fed the bag while the 'clamping hands' seal it shut after each 'deposit'.

CHANGING A FULL BAG: When the 'bag' no longer drops down after use it is time to change it. Open the front, pull out the tube of nastiness and pull down enough 'bag' to tie a knot to seal the nastiness FOREVER, cut it free with scissors, knot it and place in the trash.

DO NOT FORGET TO TIE A NEW KNOT IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 'NEW BAG', close the front and you are ready to go.

I cannot attest to how long the roll lasts; but it has only been changed a few times and that was with a foster kittens litter box for six weeks and countless pee pads and other sundry nasties from the foster puppies.

COST: okay, yes, this is WAY more expensive than regular garbage bags... but for those who cannot stand stink, this is much better than wasting countless plastic bags every time something nasty must be disposed of. Sometimes convenience outweighs my frugal nature, and this is absolutely one of them.

When I wanted to buy this my spouse was dead set against it, "waste of money, we don't need that" I was told, so I was forced to assume there was a lack of understanding as to WHAT this would do for us and ordered it secretly, intending to hide it in a closet.

I was so impressed I just had to share how it was we now had a stink free animal room. In response the exact words were "Why did we not get this sooner?" - that was when I confessed that I had purchased it without "permission" as I KNEW once in operation it would be appreciated. Final verdict from the spouse and person in charge of garbage: "That is a winner, we never want to be without one of those!".
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