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Reviewed in Canada on August 4, 2019
A good sequel should/ could well-do, broaden & deepen the Mythos of the original story. The producers/ filmmakers behind the " Underworld" franchise did that--with anti-heroine Selene's discovery of/ indoctrination into "The Sacred World". In the context of Cinema-Sanguinarianism, the possibilities are, if not endless, still huge.

But, in "John Wick Chapter 2" we have: item 1) the "Carmorra" (an Italian, non-Sicilian uber-criminal organization) who (amongst other things) are accorded a "seat" @ item 2) the "High Table". The latter organization being a kind of U.N. of organized crime, with the Mafia, the Bratva (well, the " Russian Mafia") the Vietnamese, the Koreans, etc., all divvying up the World's "assets" for their own heartless agenda--i.e. selfish gain.

Spoiler Alert: John owes a high-ranking Carmorra lieutenant--the oily, glib, amoral Santino D'Antonio a "marker" (i.e.: a debt of honour, literally a blood oath) & is forced to commit "one last job", after Santino destroys his (Wick's) suburban New York home. Thing is: the subject of the hit is none other than Santino's sister--the voluptuous Gianna D'Antonio, equally amoral, greedy & ruthless--also, inconveniently for Santino, the current holder of the Carmorra's seat @ "The High Table". It's a " Family affair"--which leaves John on the run--after killing dozens of Carmorra goons--& with an extra price on his head, after he pops Santino in the house restaurant of the Manhattan "Continental Hotel". Bad move John: no "business" shall be conducted on Continental premises--lest incurring "heavy penalties"--as the lordly Winston (manager of the Manhattan Continental) would remind him, before putting yet another price on John's head...

Even the Bowery King's organization--who took in a very beaten-up John Wick--& helped him try to kill Santino, wouldn't be of any use...All of which leaves us "Baba Yaga" fans (c.f.: 1st. John Wick movie) waiting on John Wick Chapter 3...

You either like the regular "Chop-Sockey", the Gun-Fu, the "Car Fu" (high-speed chases & collisions) & the eerie moral inversion, or you don't. John Wick movie franchise (& other violent movies like those) tell us volumes about the national character, frustration-levels of different demographic groups & our willingness to equate revenge with justice.

Another good thing the film-makers/ producers did, with these movies is: create a main characer who--if not exactly "lovable" in the conventional sense--honestly earns our respect & whose back-story garners our understanding. Those things, combined with our trust: John Wick IS genuinely trying to "get out" (of the life of a contract killer & similar peers) & (except for contracts he's forced into, or revenge) never kills anyone except in self-defense.

So, that's 3/4 of one Swiss Psychologist's defining components of "Luv". Eerie as it may seem--we care about this cold-blooded, professional killer--thanks to the film-maker's art...A man of such focus, determination & sheer f***ing will...You know. he once killed 3 men in a bar--with a pencil...

Which all leaves
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