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Reviewed in Canada on October 14, 2020
Like most people who bought a VR headset, these pulleys seem attractive to have no wires in your legs. They just make it worst as you need a lot more tweaking since the wire can twist without being aware and get so loose it goes in your face/neck when ducking and moving around a lot.

One suggestion that kind of work was the last pulley need to hold the wire with a carabiner instead of the rubber that comes with the set. The rubber holds the wire very tight and even though they advertise the pulley turns 360 degrees, it doesn't even turn 15 degrees as the cheap metal get stuck.

Apparently, the newer version with the ring in the center of your play space works better, but I'm not sure if my ceiling(8-9") is high enough as I'd imagine my head touching the pulley in the ring. Turning in one direction for a long time will still twist and damage your cable. There might be a better solution out there that I missed, but I think I'll stick to leaving the wire on the floor again.
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