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Reviewed in Canada on November 3, 2019
Mouse is nice and light, Materials feel good, Clicks on main buttons are ok at best. The ambi side buttons don't get in the way, but they are small and have a hard sharp click that is so different from the normal mouse buttons it feels unnatural to use ones on the thumb side. My Basilisk buttons are tight, no pre-travel and all of the side buttons click with the same general sound, feel and force as the main buttons. How could they go backwards on this? Everyone saying this is the best mouse Razer ever made is just a stickler for this whole ultralight true ambi craze. Why any mice would be ambidextrous is beyond me besides schools or places where multiple users use the device. Besides that, are people afraid they are gonna randomly wake up left handed or something!?!

Also they have only placed the skates at the top and bottom of the mouse, and even with no hand weight on the mouse, the middle of the side of the mouse drags on my Razer Gigantus mousepad in a scratchy, uncomfortable way. This was the real deal closer for me, as it rendered it unusable. I'm sure this is due to my thick mousepad and would be a non issue for thin or hard mousepad users.

I'm waiting for a <90g Basilisk elite and I'll have my endgame, I like the lightweight thing, but ambi mice don't do it for me personally.
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