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Reviewed in Canada on May 2, 2022
UPDATE: after months of using these, fantastic value. I mostly use these while coding at my place, walking my dog around, and while using my tracker lawnmower/working outside to a podcast, instead of noise! These have been surprisingly good, durable and easy to use. Nothing's perfect in life, but these are close. Comfortable and, clearly, durable enough for my needs after months of daily use.

As a musician/producer/mixer and just general music lover, I already have a bunch of headphones and high-end audio gear. Now looking for a simple wireless option for things around the house (dog walking, working in the yard and so on).

I was getting ready to buy the SONY XM4... but after seeing a few reviews of the Soundcore Q30's, I had to try and why not save in the process! For general work around the house, music and divers listening such as podcasts and videos, these are just fantastic. Coming from a music studio and mixing background, I can attest to the general audio quality of the Q30's. Note : the Q30's have WAY TOO much bass by default, but I guess it's easier to remove than to add (EQ accessible in phone App to make it like you want - first thing I did is bring down the bass to a reasonable level - default level was just killing music in general).

So if you are looking for a somewhat "neutral listening experience", these aren't really for you. But if you are looking for a low-priced quality alternative and headphones that will bring you the bass till tomorrow, these are fantastic.

Fit, Finish, Feel and general quality is very acceptable. Little buttons on the unit feel very "normal", but it doesn't remove anything from the usability. As my son has XM4's, of course you can feel the difference in quality (both audible and tactile), but is it worth 300$CAD more? NO.
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