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Reviewed in Canada on April 8, 2019
So after over a year of playing it on the Switch, I have to say that there is something really frustrating that tends to happen more often than not: the game keeps crashing randomly. I've tried looking up for solutions on the web and these include sillinesses like re-inserting the game card, re-installing the game, turning off auto-save, reducing the graphics settings, but none of these fixed the issue. Each update that is announced, I hope that it fixes the random crashes, but no luck yet. I was happy to catch this game for free on PC with Epic Games as the Switch version is a bit of a let down for me. I've been playing civilization ever since the first version and this one is really really good. I've lost a ton of hours on this game on the switch, but the last few times I started a new game, it would crash after a few dozen turns so it got to a point where I no longer want to play it because of that. I removed 2 stars to my initial rating because of that.

Arrived in one day even though I chose Free shipping. The interface does require a bit of getting used to, mainly because I've always played Civ on computers before. Love that I can take this around with me and play it anywhere! highly addictive!
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