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Reviewed in Canada on September 17, 2018
The quality of the case is very good. The zipper is ok, but sometimes gets stuck on the silly lining they've put over-top of it in some effort to make it water resistant (maybe???). The fit is excellent. The switch fits with two joy-cons attached at the front of the case and is tight enough to not have any vertical or horizontal movement. The dock fits snugly, again avoiding movement. The grip fits with two additional joy-cons behind the dock, or you could replace that with the pro controller. I use the power adapter in one of the side compartments, and run the cord across to the other side, which does the job well. I keep the joy-con attachments below that cord on one side, and then store an HDMI cable in the extra space, held tightly in place with the stretch band on those side compartments. My setup leaves a bit more room for games or a few more small accessories. I actually have a joy-con charger that fits perfectly in the remaining accessory space, with the top of the charger sliding sideways into the space where the switch normally sits in the dock. If you have a bunch of games you want to pack, they'll end up sitting loose in the case, so you may want to invest in a little accessory bag, because this does not come with one.

Overall, I'd recommend it if you can get a better price than the official version. Mine was under $30.
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