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Reviewed in Canada on May 28, 2022
The sound quality is quite good, pretty decent bass not too muddy in mids and highs, custom EQ allows adjustments to make it really great (default and preset EQs are mediocre) and the set EQ still works on 2nd device. I'm sure there are more expensive audiophile headphones that sound better, but 4x or more to justify paying 4x or more? I doubt it and no thanks.
I have an average head and ear size, they are extremely comfortable. I can wear it for hours with no discomfort.
The battery lasts 60 hours with no ANC, no false advertising there.
Bluetooth connection is stable and range is better than most BT devices I have used. I can actually leave the room and not have the connection become unstable.
The ANC may not be as good as Sony top of the line, but is quite decent. The sound does change with ANC engaged, so it needs its own custom EQ setting. (In the app you can create, name and save a bunch of custom EQ)
One of my big uses is watching tv. Sound is well synced and I've only had issue connecting directly to my tv (sound gets screechy distortion/cracking at higher volume) but it has no issues connected to phone, fire stick, cable box and PC. (from my research of various headphones pre-purchase, it is not uncommon to have issues with smart tvs connected via BT, I don't think it is the fault of headphones. )
The 2 device connection isn't flawless (for example, getting it to switch back to first device without disconnecting 2nd even though 2nd has no sound being output...) , but it is easy to use and connects without issue.
In conclusion, I can't imagine finding a better pair of headphones anywhere near the price, I'm so very happy with these q30 headphones . After watching reviews/comparisons on YT post-purchase, I think it might be difficult to find a truly better pair even paying 4x as much.
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