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Reviewed in Canada on December 10, 2019
I’d been thinking about getting a mesh system for years now and had been eyeing the TP link and some older generations of the Velop models for budget reasons. In listening to my podcasts I always believed Eero was some of the best out there but couldn’t justify that price. When I saw this new model come out I had to do plenty of research to figure out if it’s a crippled watered down version of what gave Eero their reputation, and turns out it is (for insanely fast internet connections) and it isn’t (for the rest of us, I’ve got 100MBPs, totally fine!).

So I understood the pro series have 2 nice perks. 1, the beacons have a nightlight and plugs straight into the wall unlike these which require an adapter and a table. 2, the pro series have a dedicated band for inter node transfer, which doesn’t limit the Peak throughout of the network if you have huge network loads on different nodes.

That said, for my needs, and most people’s needs, this system still is plenty! And with then 2 auto sensing Ethernet ports, you can wire the nodes together to handle the backhaul if your house is prewired for Ethernet!

The app is great, connectivity is great, the quality is outstanding. Overall can’t recommend it enough!!!
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