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Reviewed in Canada on November 2, 2020
OK - straight to it: Your young child doesn't like horror, goes "Ewww Girl/BoyCooties" and thinks Maggie and the (not) Ferocious Beast has too much dramatic tension. It's time to protect your sweet innocent child who can drive and vote, from the bad, bad world and 3 scenes in Ready Player One.

1. A scene reminiscent of "Aliens" combined with Muppets takes place after Parzival wins the first key and goes to the central Plaza. As the multi-armed genie chastises him for being in public and pulls him behind a wall/forcefield, quickly throw a towel over your child's head, exclaim, "Oops" and make sure the towel stays on until Arty is bent over laughing. Just tell your child she spilled some yogurt.

2. Many children love a good "Kick in the junk" joke and don't worry - there will be one. But before that, you have to make it through a dance club scene where there's a gross reference to the fact that people do that "thing" and it's just too much for the sensitive mind of a child who knows for sure that adults got that part of life wrong. So... before A and Z hit the dance floor, make sure you scream "Spider" so your child runs from the room and doesn't have to learn about these things too early... like when they're 25.

3. And finally, the High 5 search for the second key...Horror of Horrors in a Horror movie. I'm horrified and your child will be too. So remember as they enter the hotel from The Shining... need I say more?

Popcorn takes 3 minutes in a microwave but this scene is longer, so make sure you get a bag first and then send them back to make their own. No, you MUST watch it pop. Melt some butter too.

Hope that helps. I love this movie and can't wait for Ready Player Two.
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