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Reviewed in Canada on March 11, 2021
This is written from the perspective of someone who likes really tough platforming games. Super Mario 3D World delivers with truly challenging levels starting from around the 6th of 8 worlds (11 if you include the bonus worlds). Despite the lesser difficulty of the earlier worlds, the whole game is jam-packed full of unique mechanics and fresh ideas. The non-mandatory side levels offer the most in this regard, especially the time-limited levels where you have to rush to complete a series of challenges in under 10 seconds each. The game still struggles with its camera controls like so many other 3D(ish) Mario platformers but it's absolutely fine for all but a few levels.

The length of the game is about what I'd expect from a 2D Mario platformer. The bonus worlds unlocked after completing the base game, as well as Bowser's Fury, really push the playable hours and feel absolutely adequate for the game's price point.

As for multiplayer... Well, it's absolute chaos. Adding more players seriously cranks up the difficulty as the camera struggles to compromise between the players' positions. Everyone is constantly bumping into each other and accidentally (or purposefully) killing each other while racing to the end of levels. It's a ton of fun but not so accessible for less experienced players. I haven't tried the online because it's already insane on 1 console and adding in even a slight amount of input delay sounds like a bad time.

Bowser's Fury is a really cool addition. The free camera and full 3D action makes Bowser's Fury feel like a new, huge Super Mario Odyssey level but using 3D World assets and mechanics. The multiplayer in Bowser's Fury feels a bit shoehorned in, as the second player (controlling Bowser Jr.) has no adjacency over the camera and is just a lackluster sidekick for Mario. As a single-player game, however, Bowser's Fury is one of the best 3D Mario experiences available.
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