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Reviewed in Canada on December 6, 2021
I thought other reviewers who had left bad reviews may have been applying the screen protector wrong, as it is a delicate process.

I have worked as an IT technician for 18 months and used to being careful, and delicate with my hands.

My phone was brand new out of the box, I pulled off the factory plastic screen protector, I meticulously cleaned the screen, followed all of the instructions down to the letter, then after drying immediately put it in an Otter Box phone protector case.

Despite all my efforts, within a week or so the screen protector started to peel, and it gradually got worse over the weeks. Now the screen looks warped and horrible, I can't tell whether it's the screen protector or the actual phone itself.

It is hard to say whether the protector is doing a good job or not, because the glass looks so horrible where it has peeled away from the screen. There is a good chance that it has protected the screen, but it seems almost not worth it when the screen looks as bad as it does right now.

The fingerprint worker stopped working properly, even with the settings adjustment. Speakers work fine.

I would not buy this product again in it's current form. I see other mentioning the more expensive option by a different brand is better, and I would potentially look to try them instead in the future.
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