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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on December 18, 2002
Maybe the biggest difficulty to a student who is taking courses on algorithms is to do the mathematical proof - the homework assignments hog students' time, and it's very common to have no idea in front of proof questions in an exam. This great text book from MIT does its best to minimize the pain all along the road, well designed illustrations are widely applied on the proofs in this book, and the ideas behind the mathematic equations are crystal clearly explained in a very accessible way. It is the best text book I have read among a long list Of algorithms books suggested by my professor. Of course it is not to say that learning algorithms is dirt easy with this book, "Nothing worthwile is achieved without effort. You'll need to put in the work and have the ambition to succeed when the going gets tough." -as Ivor Horton said in a book.
Besides, it's not only a rigour academic text book but also problem and engineering oriented, unlike some other books on algorithms you might throw away after the schooling.
The only problem is: I cannot find solutions of the exercises in the book. Since the exercises are very well conceived and worth working out, there should be something to let the readers check if they are doing right.
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