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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on January 28, 2021
Well, can't really go wrong with this thing. I look at it like a railroad switch for your peripherals - click the button and the devices will connect to the other PC. That's all it does (which is fine), so don't expect this to control your monitors or anything.

I have it connect to my gaming PC and my MacBook, and the peripherals plugged in the front are my keyboard and wireless mouse. No latency issues, it's as if they are plugged into the computers normally. It's sleek looking, but it MUST be in reach of you, since you need to physically press the button on the switch. If you have wireless peripherals, it would be good under your desk with some adhesive tape. Since my keyboard requires a cable, it must stay above. Doesn't look too bad, which I could make the cords look nicer at the back.

- Does literally everything it says it does.
- Looks decent
- Little light indicates which PC it is connected to
- 4 input ports

- Needs to be in reach of user
- Requires Micro-USB power cable if plugging in devices that use excessive power, such as mechanical keyboards with LEDs. THE POWER CABLE IS NOT INCLUDED.
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