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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on November 23, 2012
I am very interested on the topic of the Lunar Nodes. I first became acquainted with the topic through Jan Spiller's book: Astrology for the Soul. That book is a fairly widespread resource on the topic, addressing each house and each sign. It was a fair introduction to the topic and I would say a good place for beginners. I then purchased a book called Lunar Nodes by Celeste Teal which is simply fantastic. It is a comprehensive review of the North and South Nodes by Sign and House, each planets conjunct, trine or square each nodes, planets trasiting the Nodes, Transits of the Nodes to planets, Progressions and... in Synastry. It is also stable and balanced. This is a great book for people looking for more depth and insight.

Wanting to explore and add to my knowledge, I purchased this book. I am disappointed. This book is .... complete rubbish. Far from being a resource, it addresses the Venus on the South Node and which body parts might go missing (?!) and moves on from there. It is not systematic, is full of anecdotal references and quite simply lacking in objective information. I spent 10 minutes giving it a fair review and was progressively more and more disappointed. This is the first book I've returned to Amazon. Proceed cautiously or save your time and money. Celeste Teal's book is much more worth your investment.
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