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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 24, 2019
Just purchased this bike rack for my Chevy Aveo hatch back. It is well made of heavy metal , and has very thick foam supports covering the parts of the bar that sit against your car. I am only giving a 3 for easy assembly because I almost lost two fingers trying to pull back frame support pins to move them to the predrilled holes .There is a warning lable regarding the danger of getting your fingers pinched during assembly. I ended up using a wrench as leverage instead of my fingers to get the pin to sit beside the hole, and then had to use a small tap hammer to sink the pin into the hole. Needless to say, I will not be folding this flat to store, theses pins will be to much of a struggle to remove and reinstall. The rack was very easy to install on the car. I am a petite woman, had no problems mounting my bike,. Since I have a cross bar that sits a bit higher than most women's bike frames, installation was quite easy,
Bike sat securely and both ends of the cross bar locked in nicely. With the addition of 4 bungee cords wrapped around the bike pedal to keep it from spinning , as well as back wheel to cross bar and front wheel to bike rack and crooks bar under seat to bike rack .Bike held tightly, over rough sections of back roads leading to the trails. Great product for price, No damage to car, but I suggest adding pieces of rubber on underside of left and right side trunk hooks so they grab the edge better and stay in place. I found on my hatch back the left hook kept sliding . I am very happy with this deluxe 2 bike trunk rack.
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