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Reviewed in Canada on September 2, 2021
to address a few things that had me nervous about buy.

Packaging: came in a larger order with some other heavy items. The bottle (which is glass), was individually packaged (with quite a pick of packing) and individually boxed in the larger order.

Taste: very subjective so obviously reading a lot of opinions about "this is gross", "this is the best thing ever" isn't super helpful. To me this tastes exactly like pumpkin flavoured baked goods, I think the best approximation I could give is the taste of Starbucks' pumpkin scones. Surprisingly, when I added coffee (Stok Coldbrew) I did get some of the fruitier notes that I taste in a Starbucks PSL, so I suspect the exact flavour profile of your coffee is going to be dependant, in part, on the coffee you use. The flavouring does have a slight musty/earthy quality like pumpkin, it is not overpowering or even a pronounced flavour in the mixture.

All of this being said, taste is subjective and when I mixed a small amount with milk for my partner to try they said, "it just tastes sweet and cinnamon-ey ", so take that for what it's worth.
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