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Reviewed in Canada on January 18, 2021
Anker-CA customer support reached out to me and sent a replacement pair of Q30 headphones. I have waited a few days before updating my review while wearing them as much as possible, just to be sure there was no creaking. And there is not. I have to say, these things are amazing, especially for the price.
• Bluetooth always connects immediately and the Bluetooth range is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I live in a two-story house and I can leave my phone on my desk on the main floor and get perfect reception on the second floor. I even walked out to my car in the driveway one day and stayed totally connected without a hiccup.
• Battery life also is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in a pair of headphones. I haven't actually measured the hours but I have gone five days without having to recharge and it still has 20% remaining.
• They are extremely comfortable. No sense of pressure on my head and feel very light.
• The audio quality is very good. I’m not an audiophile but the sound quality along with the equalizer options offered through the phone app is better than anything I have previously experienced.
• Noise canceling is quite good from what I’ve experienced. I live in a remote area so there’s no road traffic to tell how effective the NC is for that and I'll have to wait till we can fly again before I can comment on how they handle aircraft engine noise.
• Customer service - Anker went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied.
• While these are very comfortable, I would describe the fit as loose. They’re not something you could wear during a workout or a jog. I've had them fall off once when I leaned over a little too far while standing at my kitchen counter.
• Highly, highly recommended. For the price I don't think you could do better.

Previous review:
I watched at least 8 YouTube reviews of the Q30s and felt very confident in purchasing them. The audio is excellent. The phone app is a joy to use. The fit is great. The number of hours on a charge is amazing. But unfortunately they creak somewhere in the structure. And it’s transmitted right into the ear cups. Both of ear cups constantly creaking. The left is the worst. My choice of music is a combination of instrumental jazz, classical and New Age so I'm always hearing the creaking. I also like to use NC headphones for silence while I’m meditating. That’s when the creaking is most distracting. It reminds me an older house that is not airtight, and every time there’s a wind storm there is that one door that creaks. That’s what these headphones are like. I have a set of 8 year-old (wired) Bose AE2s that are solid as new with never a creak. If it wasn't for the incessant creaking on these Q30s I'd give them 5 stars. Sadly, I will be returning them.
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