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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on May 28, 2004
Reading this book caused my understanding, interest and excitement about self-management and self-motivation, and about leading and motivating others, to expand enormously - perhaps even to explode in a positive manner. After discovering the table of "Eight Polarities and Eight Creative States," I have referred to it repeatedly. All of us know that motivation of one's self or others may be ethereal and certainly is metastable. Dr. Quinn has carefully chosen the most pertinent terminology and thoroughly explained why and how we can move toward balance between the extremes of the Eight Polarities and thereby lengthen our stay within "the fundamental state of leadership." The examples shared are contagious - as is the fundamental state of leadership.
Dr. Quinn explains, "Teaching...the concept [is] not the key. The key [is] to challenge [others] and support them in choosing to enter the fundamental state of leadership" following one's own inherently contagious example. Excitement mushrooms from the possibility and understanding of how to choose to live in the fundamental state of leadership and consequentially to pervade positive, effective leadership influence.
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