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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 9, 2020
The quality seems fine on these and the foot itself is comfortable but the ankle/calf upper is extremely tight so these are unwearable, especially since I'm diabetic and cannot wear restrictive footwear of any kind.

I wanted breathable cotton, moisture-wicking socks to fit inside my rubber mud/rain boots. These were an Amazon Choice. They were mostly cotton - 77% Cotton/18% Polyester/3% Natural Latex Rubber/1% Spandex/1% Other Fiber so I thought it might be a good buy. What I didn't notice - and this was entirely my fault, is that they had Spandex throughout the whole sock, most of it in the upper.

I am a woman and take a size 71/2 W or 8 M shoe/boot. A man's sock size is better for me because a looser fit is much less restrictive so I bought the Men's 6 - 12 size. The upper on these is so very tight that it restricts blood flow. The foot part though is very comfortable - much thicker than I need or want for summer - but roomy on my small feet. The foot is breathable and stretches well. On a man though, with a bigger foot than mine, these are going to really be extremely tight but if you have small feet and thin ankles and calves, these will stay up well. For me, they are unwearable and a waste of money. One of the drawbacks of buying online where you can see the photo but not 'kick the tires'.
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