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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 31, 2015
This book is quite the joyride; a morality fable - classic as they come - trying on the clothes of porn and existential travel. Along the path no stone of sexual or therapeutic adventure will be left unturned. Picture Mr Strauss at the start, compulsive cheater on the beautiful, sexy, loyal and loving Ingrid. His behavior is compulsive and wrecking his bliss. Addressing these failings Strauss will careen between the darkest corners of 12 step browbeating and libertine backwaters that seem to come straight from the annals of the Hellfire Club, circa the eighteenth century. Orgies? Sure. Harem full of horny drifters? Of course. Cognitive Behavior Therapy? Why not? I was spending time with a psychiatrist friend today and telling him about the book. His question: "Is this on the level?" I told him that was my question too and how I had actually looked up a few of Strauss' references. In the end I was convinced that with small embellishment Strauss had lived the story. Which meant that the author of "The Game" (Pick Up Artists on the loose) had finally taken the agony and ecstasy route to deeper satisfaction and found himself a wife. This is a worthwhile read with something for everyone (?!) It definitely takes the long route around to true wisdom but is much fun for the searching reader. Recommended.
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