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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on March 7, 2022
I was at the edge of returning this camera because I was having issues connecting to the camera with my iphone. The Garmin app was not showing any accessory to select in order to finalize the setup so I kept clicking the cancel button and restarting the setup (very frustrating). After some investigation on Garmin’s troubleshooting information, I noticed that the app can take up to two minutes before actually showing the camera on the selection menu. Therefore, instead of clicking cancel, after a while, I decided to wait a lot more and sure enough, the camera did finally show up and I was able to finalize the setup. The camera is simple, compact & I like the voice control to save a picture or video. The picture quality is not the best but its small size is a big factor for me. The access to videos via the app is not the fastest but its fast enough for me. Overall a great camera for the price and size.
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