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Reviewed in Canada on October 16, 2003
At first view, this movie should be looked at as one of the greatest romantic movies of all times. But then it's not.
The movie is about a man who was murdered, then returns as a ghost because he still loved his girlfriend and wanted to catch his killer. If you could ignore the fact that there is no ghost, then perhaps you'll get over the first hurdles of this movie. But if you're one does not believe that there is such a thing as a ghost, then the movie is simply nothing but mindless entertainment.
The director of this movie, it seems, was confused as to whether this movie should be a comedy, a romance or a drama type movie. Because of that, all the elements were incorporated together and that ruined the movie. The humor in the movie was dry, the romance cheesy and the dramatic elements were anything but. As one person wrote, by the middle of the movie, we already knew what would happen next and who the murderer was.
This movie also lacks one other element -- logic. For any logical person who could think critically, this movie should be very painful to watch. Nothing they do in the movie makes any sense.
For those who are thinking about watching this movie as a movie date -- please don't bother. It's a waste of money, fake tears and if you end up liking the movie, your date *if your date is at all smart*, will laugh at you for being superstitious, sophomoric and stupid.
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