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Reviewed in Canada on October 8, 2017
I had a minor ant problem, maybe if I left a dish out there would be a few ants on it the next day, and there's always a few ants scurrying around. Nothing major.
So I put this thing out near where I have left cups next to the computer. A couple ants were near and I basically put it right in their face and watched them climb up and start drinking. Took em a few minutes as they are pretty dumb. Then after watching 5 or 6 ants there I went to bed.
The next morning the situation was very different. There were THOUSANDS OF Ants using some of the computer cables as ant superhighways to the bait. My girlfriend was terrified of this ant playgue, but I knew better! The trap was working! Ants stepping over themselves to drink the tainted of elixir and waddle their bloated bodies back to their hovel. She wanted to move the trap but I told her to wait.
The next day there were only a few dozen licking the bottom of the now empty bait. I debated about putting out a second one but decided against it. The following couple days their numbers reduced further then zero. No more ants.

I think it works out to like $1 or 2 dollars per bait? 10 in package, but 1 is enough. Can't find a better deal than that. Fully satisfied.
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