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Reviewed in Canada on July 23, 2019
The camera itself works fine/excellent so far after months and months, (4 out of 5 given it can't pan all the way up or down) the problem however is with the software that runs the camera

In order to operate the camera you need to sign up with a wyze account, and your credentials are stored cloud only, meaning if you're not connected to the internet you can't set this up

Also once you get it set up you are restricted to their cloud service, you cannot select your own cloud service like DropBox/Amazon/Google etc which explains why the price is so low for a camera that records in such high quality, reason being they're trying to upsell cloud services on you in order to do remote storage

Because of the terrible setup procedure being online only, and the forced storage solution of their own cloud service, easily a 1 out of 5
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