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Reviewed in Canada on July 8, 2003
Yet another example of an overall DVD package outshining the movie that's supposed to be its centerpiece. "Eight Legged Freaks" is certainly watchable, primarily due to the good spider effects, but the plot is so simple-minded (essentially it can be summed up as "watch the spiders chase the people"), that things become tiring before too long. But the DVD extras are fun, especially the black & white 13-minute film from New Zealand, "Larger Than Life", which inspired "Eight Legged Freaks", and a nice little text article about other "big bug" movies. So, while the main film had me repeatedly looking at my wall clock about an hour into it, I quickly perked up again when I started zipping through the extras after the movie was over. Gotta love DVD.
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4.6 out of 5
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