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Reviewed in Canada on December 20, 2020
Overall a good classic, but lately I've been mixing it 1/4 syrup to 1/4 hot water, then remainder in cold water to help keep the searing hot water from melting and deforming the PP bottle. I can make 4 bottles of my instant mix from a single bottle. The result, a liquid you can squirt into a glass, pour milk in and not require a spoon. Simply Squirt, pour and drink.

Lately I've been finding a this gloopy chalky like residue at the bottom of the bottles after my mixing. I simply add hot water to dissolve it and use like normal. No mess, no fuss. All that is required is a light shaking to keep the two liquids from separating before squirting into a glass. It works 1/3 from the Strawberry syrup too and doing this even lowers the amount of sugar per serving. I have yet to try this on the vanilla version as I can't find any in stores. But both Chocolate and strawberry can be watered down to make instant mixes.

**Though it is a classic why only 4 stars you may wonder. It's great it is delivered to my door, but of the four bottles I ordered one was smashed apart INSIDE the plastic Amazon bag (clear bag with green print) they ship in. Whatever crushed it happened before it was placed into the box for shipping. Even the security seal under the cap was blown off and the contents were inside the bag more than inside the bottle, which left the whole box a sticky mess.
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