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Reviewed in Canada on January 5, 2021
Fantastic product crippled by lack of standard features support by Amazon in Canada. I use to be a Google home user however started to find it was having issues and was becoming a frusterating excersise. Over the holidays there were great deals on amazon echo products so purchased one to try and was impressed with how it incorporated with my smart home devices. I then purchased two more echos and and an 8 inch echo show for the kitchen and wanting it for recipes and cooking.

There was lots of information about All recipes which I use and Alexa being able to recognize the voice of multiple users, my self, wife and kids to offer customer responses and individual calenders, music Ext.

I attempted to get the All recipes set up and after having a great deal of difficulty had to do lots of research and found the All recipes Alexa echo show is not supported in Canada, very disappointing and I could find no other equivalent apps/skills that were even close to the usefulness of All recipes.

I then attempted to set up the voice recognition profiles for a household for myself and my wife so we could get the benifit from customized options Alexa offers, but again had a great deal of trouble and after an hour and researching found that this household ability is not enabled for Canadian users.

These are great devices, however they have been crippled by the lack of support for Canadian users. I could not find any future plans or information that indicate plans for Amazon to offer the basic features of the device or telling buyers some of the main features don't work.

Amazon if your reading this please comment on future support so purchasers are aware.
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