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Reviewed in Canada on May 14, 2016
This review contains spoilers from Book 1 and Book 2 in the ACOTAR series. I have been a fan of Sarah Maas since I started reading her Calena series but her "A court of thorns and roses" series is definitely my favourite. The book picks up where the last one ended and shows the impact of all that happened to Feyre under the mountain. She is living with Tamlin and Lucien in the spring court but all is not it seems. She is planning her wedding but something is missing. The nightmares of what she experienced can not seem to leave her and over her head the reminder of the promise she made to Rhys of spending a week with him every month remains. Honestly,the path this book took me on was so far from where I thought it was going to go and I am so happy that it it! Maas has created such unique characters and settings that I know I can not do them justice in this review. The description of the Night court is spectacular.
In the previous book, I felt Tamlin was perfect and Rhys seemed interesting but more of a nuisance. This book showed Feyre growing as a person and deciding she was going to take control of her life. Unlike many other YA romance stories, Feyre looked out her best interests and decided to leave a controlling partner. Rhys , for all his other faults, respected Feyre and ultimately treated her as an equal. I think this is why she chose him as her mate and this is why she made that sacrifice at the end of the novel.
I think Sarah J. Maas is to be commended on creating such a wonderful world and such empowering feminist characters. Feyre and Calena are not perfect but are willing to do what they need to do. I really like that Feyre is willing demand respect for herself, and stand up for her new home.
I love that we see more of her sisters Nesta and Elain and how they play a role in the plot.
I honestly wish they would make this story into a television series or movie because the characters, settings and conflicts suck the reader in. I do not know when the next book is scheduled to come out but I can not wait!!
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