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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on March 12, 2023
I initially bought the Vnetphone version of these for hubby and I for our skidoo rides, but we couldn’t hear anything the moment we started driving, so I returned them. When the Lexin ones arrived, I first tested them with my daughter and had low expectations because I found the sound not very loud, but hubby and I decided to test them out anyway, on our first 5 hour skidoo trip. As soon as we took off from our house, I knew these ones were a game changer. I could hear him clearly and was able to talk to him without issue for the entire 5 hour ride. It was so handy for warning each other when obstacles or other oncoming sleds were approaching. We were quite far apart from one another too at times, and never once did we lose connection. Hubby figured I should charge them when we arrived to our hotel, but nope! After 5 hours of non stop use, they still had 100% battery charge!!! So far, I’m very happy and very impressed. My only issue is getting the receiver onto the helmet. I tried repeatedly sliding it onto the clip, and it started damaging the treads on back of it. I finally had to put the receiver on before attaching the clip to the helmet and I’m going to have to leave them attached to the helmet because I fear damaging the back of the receiver further. This was my only issue though! Very happy with this product. We drive 5 hours back today, so hoping for equally good results with this Bluetooth system!
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